I have been recently listening to the Career Tools and Manager Tools podcasts the past few weeks, and I really appreciate the wisdom provided. I am 29 and starting to take ownership of my time, and am working towards effectiveness "one bite at a time!" I need some advice. My mother is 55, and is one of the most hard working people I know. She has been supporting ineffective executives for many years. Running companies for her managers, and not getting any real recognition. To start, I sent her three copies of The Effective Executive. One for her, and two for her bosses. I am expecting a picture of the books from her when she gets them on Saturday! I am looking for material, or advice for individuals that are in a perpetual position of missing, or not creating, the right opportunities to translate their experience and ability into a position that gives them not only some professional influence, but also a role that comes with a just reward!

Anyone that is in, or has been in this situation, please feel free to chime in to share your experience and insight!

Much appreciation.