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You can always tell when Mark gets a couple hours to catch up.

Nice to have you 'home'. Since I didn't get to attend the most recent conference, I'm definitely feeling the need for a little more Mark-time. Tongue-in-cheek, of course, but...definitely good to see you back and posting.

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Yes, I agree, It was kind of Bonus, [b]at 7am morning Indian Time[/b]. Looks like Mark burned midnight oil to sweep the posts, great to see more than 10 postings from Mark. Made my day.

Thanks Mark taking the time.


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Yes, welcome back to the boards, Mark. I always get lots of value from this community, and it's extra-special when Mark and Mike chime in.

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Apparently he wasn't quite finished. My inbox is full of email. :)

Welcome back Mark!

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Same here Will - I thought the MT Forums had been hit by a spambot - I didn't figure on Mark's flying fingers - and that boundless energy :wink:

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Thanks folks.

I really like doing this, and have failed to get my priorities straight lately.

I am down from 1700 posts to review at the start of this weekend to now less than 50.

It's a good feeling to serve...and to have served.