I am in all day meetings this week until Thursday. I changed my VM to say "I am in all day meetings and will respond as time allows." I want to know if anyone has any suggestions for a better message. I want to be clear that I may  not be able to respond quickly or even the same day to a message but I don't want it to sound like no one can talk to me until Friday. Is this message good? Any suggestions?

I remember there was a podcast on having an effective VM message. However, I am a bit fuzzy on the details and forgot to load it on the iPod.

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You could add in something extra so it sounds more like "I am in all day meetings WITH LIMITED ACCESS TO VOICEMAIL and will respond as time allows."

If you are not at your usual place of work you could say "I am in all day OFF-SITE meetings WITH LIMITED ACCESS TO VOICEMAIL and will respond as time allows."
This give a clearer understanding to people that you are not around, but will be back soon.

Do you have a mobile/cell number that they could call you on in emergencies that you could add at the end?

I'd also add what the date is that you recorded the message and when you are returning to "normal" working practice, for example:

"You have reached the voicemail of DMB41CARTER36 on Monday 23rd January. From today until Wednesday I am in all day off-site meetings with limited access to voicemail and will respond as time allows. If your call is urgent please contact my mobile/cell on 123 456 789 or my team on 123 456 799".

I hope the meetings go well.