I missed a phone call from Las Vegas, NV in the past two weeks (i'm in Nashville). When I returned the call, I discovered it was a wrong number. I told him i'm interviewing and always return calls from non-TN area codes.

We talked for 20 minutes, and he told me how polite I was over the phone to him.
Long story short, he knows an auditing manager here in Nashville, TN, and is setting up an introduction.
Moral: Always talk to wrong numbers!

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That is cool. Great reminder too for those who tend to quickly apologise and hang up. 

Reminds me of an example of going out of your way (taking time to do something extra). I received mail that was incorrectly addressed to our organisation and was meant for a government agency. It had been opened and we discovered it was a small business who needed to lodge a form by a due date. I googled the ABN of the business, found their contact details and phoned the owner. I informed them where I was calling from and why and asked whether they would like us to return the form to them or I could re-address to the correct agency. They were extremely happy with the extra trouble.  Politeness and patience goes a long way; everyone is always advertising their brand. :)

Thanks for keeping this top of mind!