I recently attended a management leadership leadership course.  During the second day we got into behavior profiles.  While it wasn't DISC that was used, the behaviors were the same.

Not only was I able to identify the behavior profiles of the workshop facilitators, but I also identified behavioral traits of some of the participants...accurately...and I only knew them for less than two days.

People were amazed at this incredible ability and I was excited as a kid in a candy shop transferring this knowledge and recommending the MT website (that day, the recent DISC podcast was released..

The facilitators did not focus on the benefits of understanding how you can adjust your behavior to become more effective but rather as a simple measurement of your own behavior, so I practically jumped out of my seat, gave personal examples and encouraged people to use it to understand and relate better to people.

I felt so much more advanced in terms of management knowledge than my peers and I have only been listening to MT for six months.

Thanks Mike and Mark