TLDR/ BLUF- I'm a new manager and have had 2 resignations from my team since I formed it in January. I'm worried I'm the problem and am looking for advice.

I work in the inside sales organization of an office equipment OEM. I got promoted to managment from an individual contributor role in January of this year. In previous roles I'd developed a reputation for being good at getting new initiatives off the ground and they promoted me specifically to build a new team supporting a part of the business my organization had historically not played in.

My boss had made the first couple of hires (internal transfers of high quality people) and I quickly poached a high potential external hire from a new hire class who was bound for another team (I know the manager of that team welll and there was no bad blood or anything). Since then I've made 2 more hires of my own. I am follwing the MT interviewin guidance , doing O3s, following EMP, using the MT onboarding checklist and getting ready to roll out Feedback.

On 3/29 the hire I poached from new hire resigned to pursue her passion as a cosmetologist and one of the original hires my boss made- a brilliant guy who can do things with spreadsheets I didn't even know were possible- gave his notice today citing feeling undervalued from a compensation perspective and not feeling like the company had much of a future as his reasons for leaving to sell cars for Honda.

I keep reading articles with headlines like "People Don't Quit Jobs They Quit Bosses" and I can't help but wonder if I'm doing something that's driving people away. These were both good employees whom I was disappointed to lose. I was also shocked by both resignations.

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Hi I would have to chat with you to find out more to see if you are the problem.

If you are following MT advice I'd say you are on the right track.

This might help you to do a little self-exam....

Maybe you are not hitting the right balance of Challege : Support


Here is a recent podcast for perspective.

424: How to Help People Get to the Next Level with Jeremie Kubicek



Good Luck.



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Thanks for the recommend on the cast. I'll check it out. 

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While it is a truism that employee leave managers, not companies, that doesn't mean it is always true.  Sometimes they leave to purse a dream (cosmetology), or for other reasons.  Keep doing what you know is right, and continue to work to grow as a manager/supervisor.  Be self-aware and work on improving your management-coaching-development skills.  But in the end, know that sometimes people leave just because they do - not because of you.