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I have grown my team to 25 people From team of 8 over the last 2 years and I have been doing fantastic. I manage a small but growing channel for the company. Only problem is now , that my channel is becoming significant enough, that it can't be considered an alternate channel. Ordinarily I would be really happy, but my boss has told me I would have to fold my team whom I built with my blood sweat and tears into another managers group because my channel is no longer an alternate one, while I move on to an individual contributor role which is more strategic. I would lose my entire team.

I am thinking about this as a demotion because I really want to accomplish more with my team. Am I thinking too hard?

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It is totally understandable that you might feel like this is a demotion.

By your MT handle "Manager-Of-12" it looks as though you started identifying yourself in your role as a manager.

You built that team and obviously have some pride about this.

And you probably do have something to be very proud of.  Your experimental group was so successfully they are moving on.

I don't know what your company org chart looks like - but, yeah this could be considered a demotion of sorts.

You do not have the same kind of influence that you once had.

It is now up to you to decide how you are going to frame your new position in your mind and perspective.

Financially ? - are you going to be making more money (or at lease the same) ?  This may not be a demotion on that part.

Responsibility ? = Lot's of folks are glad not to be responsible for other people.  You may look at this as a little break from management.

And mostly,  I would suggest you try to see yourself has a contributor to the organization.

What have you contributed up to this point ???

Being a good manager and building a good team of employees.

Now, the organization has the need for you to contribute something else. And you can do well on that as well.

1. Remember -- You are not your job.  You are your own person with talent and hobbies etc...

2. Remember your job is not yours.  It belongs to the organization.  You fill that job to fill a need for the organization.

3. Remember you never know what the future might hold.  If you want to stay there in that organization, then do your job well, whatever it is and other opportunities may come by. You may see a new management position open up sooner than you think.  Or you may start to like your new position better.


Good Luck


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Thank you for your feedback.  Really appreciate your answer.  Gives me a lot to think about.

 Anyone on this forum have their own thoughts as well?