Ok, I used my 3 words of dutch to talk to the lady in the Voyager restaurant in the Sheraton. I asked if we could book a table for the early evening so people could come and go and eat as they arrived. However, she needed me to be a little more specific than that.

Roll call for who is arriving Monday night, wants dinner, and what time?


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Great initiative!

ETA 7:25 pm. Food? Yes, please!

Really looking forward to seeing you all!

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Dear Wendii

I’ll join you. My flight should arrive at 18.20hrs, so dinner around 19.30-20.00hrs would be good.

London, UK


Don’t know whether this is up to date, but the Voyager Restaurant menu is International a la carte: “Rates: 4 course buffet 39,50 EUR, salad and soup buffet 15,00 EUR, Main course of your choice 27,50 EUR, dessert buffet 15,00 EUR”
Source -

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I would like to join you, too. Dinner at 7:30 pm is great. Thanks for setting this up.


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I'll join!

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Count me in for dinner also.

Jonathan Heywood

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Thank you for this initiative; I'll be delighted to take part in the dinner. I'll be able to join you from 7:30.


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Great idea Wendii !

I think I will be there at 20.30 at the best ... With Meringues if I can :wink:

See you all!


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Hi, thanks for setting this up. Please count me in for dinner too. I live in Rotterdam, but will be staying at the hotel for the conference. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


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Hi All,

Count me in. 19:30 sounds fine to me.

Looking forward to meeting you all,


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Hi all,

I would love to be there, but my flight doesn't get into Schiphol until 21.25 by which time I would expect you all to be finished with dinner. Though if anyone's planning to go for a nightcap after dinner - let me know!


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Hello everyone!

ETA 19:55.
Hope to join the table by 9.


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Ok, I think we're booked. 7.30 Monday night under manager tools and wendii. We seem to have to have the buffet, but that might be a good thing as we're not all arriving together.

I'll join you sometime after 8...


PS Rob - I pm'd you.

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pm'ed back. I can confirm your booking!

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I won't be in until 9pm or so, so unless anyone decides to hang around the lobby, I'll see you all on Tuesday morning, bright and early.

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I should be there tonight. Look for an American with spiky brown hair and a Michigan sweatshirt.