The iPhone app looks like a great resource.  I'm curious if there are any plans to release an Android app? 


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Thanks, planier. Although we don't have an Android app currently in development, we plan to do so as soon as resources permit.


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Show some love for the Android !

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Any update on a Android version of the app?

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Out of curiosity, what's in the App?

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put me down for a vote for the Android app.  I love the look of the iPhone app (at least screen shots), but wouldn't use an iPhone if you gave me one. ;)


Android growth shows no sign of slowing down.

And great work on all that is Manager Tools by the way.  Incredibly useful stuff!



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I'd love to see an Android version of the app too.

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We hear you, folks! Recently bid the development work out ... $10k to port the app was the lowest bid we received. Ugh!

Still trying to find an alternative. :-)


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Best of luck finding a solution, Mike. 

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Android developers dont give away their work for free like MT?  We could email them the MT casts and that should do it.


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 Typically developers are more likely to give something away if it's something they developed as a hobby/interest thing than if it's something they developed due to a request from someone else.  Quite often developers, if they are doing it as an income, will give away a basic version then charge for one with added features.  This latter model could be seen as similar to MT, if you just want the podcasts and to use the forums at MT (the basic version) then you can for free but for a very reasonable subscription you can also have the show notes and slides (added features).

It has just occured to me that some MT users must have Android developers in their network, I think I've got one (maybe more).  Would there be any problem with us contacting our network and seeing if there's anyone with the requisite skills who wants to bid for the work?  Is there an outline/Terms of Reference/spec/ITQ available we could point them at? 



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Thanks, Stephen, but I don't think that will be necessary.

So, Where are we on this? ... We decided to look at some alternative frameworks for developing the app that promised to be faster and cheaper. In the process of creating a proof-of-concept, we came pretty close to actually developing the app. For you geeks out there, I'm talking about PhoneGap and JQuery Mobile.

Long story short, the app is pretty much written ... with the exception of all the HARD stuff (checking for network connections before running off and trying to fetch a feed, error checking, etc. -- this is what professionals charge for ;-) So, it works MOST of the time.

We have a number of other priorities and this isn't at the top of the list, unfortunately. However, with a big CAVEAT EMPTOR, I'll make it available to some folks to try it out with the condition that I get *gentle* feedback on the unfinished app. Deal? Send me a private message if you're interested and capable of withstanding a significant "pain in the app". ;-)

Bottom line, we're truly working on it, but not quite there yet.


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I just stream it off my phone... what do you need an app for?

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With Stitcher audio gone do you have any plans for an Android app?

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Lot's of old discussion about an Android App and plenty of promise yet I still can't seem to find one . Is it still in the works ?

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We've identified and hired an awesome development team to begin work on the next version of our Mobile apps. App will be available on iOS and Android as a minimum (other platforms possible).

requirements analysis and planning in progress ... No date yet to announce.

getting there ... :)


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Hi Mike,

if you are looking for any testers, I volunteer.  I have both apple and android devices i can test on.

Kind regards


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I would like to volunteer to be a Android App tester.




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I live in China, so I don't have access to the Google Play app store.

Where can I download it? How about a direct download link from your website?