I am using Doggcatcher to download the episodes. Doggcatcher is a great app on android and it syncs all your podcasts directly onto the phone once new episodes are available without the need to get the phone connected / synchronized with a PC.

Unfortunately it is having some issues with the manager tools / career tools feeds. Either you can enter your username password into the settings - then the feed can be updated, but the mt/ct-server does reject downloading (error 400) when username and password is submitted for the latest versions which are also available in the free RSS feed (The older versions can be downloaded without issues when username and password is entered.)

or when I skip the username in the settings, then Doggcatcher can download the mediafiles (mp3) - but is not longer to update the feed, so that I miss new episodes.

I think this is due to the RSS feed.

I have created also an article in doggcatcher forum. Pls check out:

My question: Is anybody else using Doggcatcher? How do you workaround?
Are there any other RSS feeds available - which always accept password and username?








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Is the error occuring when you try to download the newer MP3?  Or when it is processing the RSS feed?

As a basic rule - when you use the members feed for MT then you shouldn't need to use the public version of the MT feed (members contains everything in the public from what I've seen).

From tests I believe that the actual MP3's don't actually need username and password - it is only the feed that uses it.

Unforutantely I'm without an Android phone at the moment.  But I was using BeyondPod previously.  That seemed to work ok for me.  However I was primarily listening to the older casts (working from the start) - so it might have had problems with the newer feeds that I was unaware of.

Personally I wanted something more in the managing the Podcasts - so I started writing my own.  It's still a backburner project, but it is likely to be a while before it sees the light of day.

Let me know how it goes.


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Unfortunately, the protected feeds have problems in DoggCatcher. This is due to the way they handle protected feeds (different than iTunes or most any other RSS reader I'm aware of).

I wish there were an easy fix, but alas not.


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I am getting the errors when downloading the newer episodes of the members feed. This is due to the fact that Doggcatcher does try to submit username and password before downloading the mp3 files. But as there are not required the MT server does give an error code 400 when try to dowload the mp3.

I am in contact with the developer of doggcatcher but he also does not see an easy way to work around. Workaround would be possible if behavior for all episodes of the feed is the same - unfortunately this seems not to be the case. I think the main difficulty is that you need to submit username and password to retrieve feed updates AND to download older episodes (example:  - but you must not use username and password to download the newer episodes (which are also available inside the public feed - and hosted on a different server. Example:

Once you move the episodes to the other URL (media.libsync....) doggcatcher does not have any problems.

Question: Can you directly publish the newer episodes directly on this URL?



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Actually, you don't NEED to download the older shows. They're simply located on a server that ignores them when you do. Unfortunately, the newer shows are hosted on Amazon S3 and is less forgiving of the unnecessary credentials.

Stayed tuned, we're working on a fix that I hope will help.


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I also use doggcatcher and noticed this issue when moving from the public to paid feeds. Very troublesome indeed, I'm hoping we can get a fix on one side of the equation or the other.