I was just listening to a podcast called Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders (sorry, it felt a little like cheating on you guys ;) ) . The most recent one is an interview with Gil Penchina, CEO of Wikia. In that cast, he talks about Angel Investors and I immediately thought of MT and the work you guys are doing to put in place a sustainable business model.

Have you given any thought, given your volumes, of inquiring into getting funding from an Angel Investor? I would tend to think that your volumes would suggest you have a sustainable model that is providing great value and would be of tremendous interest to an Angel Investor.

Good luck.


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Ah, it's not cheating... but it IS punishable by banishment! :D

We have talked about funding, but are unlikely to pursue it now. For both of us, it boiled down to two things: resource fungibility, the resources being time and money.... and control.

I suppose if we had hit a wall, we could've gotten a bunch of money - we both know peple who know angels or ARE angels. But in the process, we would have lost control.

As it turned out, we were frugal, and kept funding it out of our own pockets... client consulting revenue helped.

We have more announcements about the firm pretty soon... all good. Mike and I will probably NEVER dilute our shares, though.

Thanks for thinking of us!