Would you announce the Project Management feedback model before using it? With it just being a two step, without the heavy weight step four, it seems to me you could just start with positive feeback and not have to formally announce you are doing it.


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If I remember correctly, when using the PM or Peer feedback model for positive feedback you still use step 3... saying "Thank You".

Canyon R

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I use the "Just to let you know." comment discussed in the PM Feedback Model as my opener. As an example, I might say, "Just to let you know. When you spend an extra hour showing me how you put together the finanace report I'll be doing next month, it helps me see the specific steps and I'm more comfortable with this new responsibility. Thank you." or "Just to let you know. When you check my calendar to see what I'm working on before stopping by my desk, it allows me to remain focused on my high priority work. Thank you."

Jack Rumple
Colorado Springs

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you just go ahead and give the feedback.