I've tried searching the forums on this without success. Sorry if I'm covering old ground.

I recall from a podcast I listened to recently I think it was a newly released one but I could be wrong.

In any case I remember Mark saying he was reading a book which was proposing that we should get rid of the annual performance review and Mark's "jury" was still out on the subject until he had finished reading the book.

In my work we have just been reviewing our appraisal system and we discussed this very issue with regard to its effectiveness in relation to the O3's. We decided it was a bit too radical to get rid of the appraisal yet. Also we find them useful for linking performance to the business plan. I'm just curious if Mark has had a view on getting rid of the annual performance review yet after reading the book?

Just adding, as its my first post - good work guys great source of information and advice i really like MT.