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I'd like to celebrate achievement a little bit with people who will understand what I'm excited about.  We, like so many others, are in the midst of the corporate mandated annual review season.  My team's reviews were turned in to my boss for review early, thanks to following the MT review prep suggestions.  That's a win in itself, but not what I'm excited about...

Every one of my team turned in a self assessment that identified all of the areas to target for improvement that I had planned to mention.  That's what I'm excited about - we should have reviews with no surprises, especially in the improvement areas.  I attribute it to regular performance conversation as part of weekly one on ones. 

Thanks to Mark and Mike for providing a framework that even a high C geek like me can follow and have success! 


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Congrats Dennis

Thanks for sharing.  Always puts a smile on my face when I hear people being successful.