Hi all,

Apologies for a belated intro.

I too stumbled onto this forum when I downloaded iTunes whilst looking for a way to automatically update “The Welch Way”. I have been a regular reader of Business Week for years. The valuable advice on this forum encouraged me to invest in an iPod which now allows me to keep up to date whilst doing chores or exercising.

I am a manager with over twenty years experience in my field (accounting with MBA). I have managed small teams throughout my career but still occasionally get stumped with people issues. This forum will hopefully help me work through them and am also looking forward to providing some insight from a different perspective.

Thanks Mike and Mark for providing an exceptional “one stop shop” for management issues and advice.

p.s. English is my second language so please excuse and treat any and all grammar/spelling errors as intentional ;)

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Welcome to the Forums, Arun.

I also listen to Welch's 'casts as well as a few of the other BW ones.

I would have never guessed English was your second language.


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Welcome aboard! Aussie Oi!

Glad you're with us and hope you'll share your experience.