Hello everyone,

I'm Ma Walton (with thankfully not as many kids as the original Walton Family)

I'm an accountant PLEASE DONT STOP READING :lol: , its a bit of a conversation killer but I do have a personality and I prefer to work with people than numbers! (Although trees and dogs will also do fine)

I've spent the last ten years working with blue chip organisations in the UK, including car manaufacture, healthcare and engineering sectors. Mainly in the Manchester/Cheshire area. I've had the privilege of managing some great teams in the UK and India and being managed by some great guys. I've also learnt a hell of a lot from being managed ( or not) by some not so good guys.

Im politely refered to as a trouble shooter, I particularly love problem cultures and organisations where customer complants are at a high - why, because its a great challenge and you can only make things better.

My cup is always half full at least, I learn from everything I can, my brain is a sponge, may it never dry up. My kids may make me look older than I am, but they keep my heart very young.

Many thanks for the podcasts, they teach me many new skills and remind me of many I should be using. Keep up the great work.

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Thanks for joining us here ... and telling us something about you. My sister-in-law accountant also has a "personality". Now I know 2 accountants with a personality ... and I used to work for a CFO. ;-)

Welcome again!