Hi All

Unfortunately, my family is aware of this website for personal reasons. It is

It is a not-for-profit website that helps you let others know what the status is of the person in crisis. It also has a guestbook for people to email in and offer support etc.

If you want to see a real life example of how this works, you can go to my cousin's page (she passed last weekend).

You can see how the updating journal works and browse the guestbook to see how you can support the family (at least digitally). I can't tell you how much comfort this gave to our family dispersed across the world at this time.


PS - I am not looking for an outpouring of condolences - just wanted to share a great resource

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What a great resource... and my prayers are with you and yours.


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CaringBridge is a great resource. I will tell patients and families about it when their families or themselves are in the hospital.

I too have personal interests with CaringBridge. I have two friends both with Cancer who have listed their journey's on the site.

Great site for personal crisis and it also allows them journal and recieve prayers and thoughts without the frequent phone calls and e-mails.....


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Hey Todd

Thanks for contributing. Cancer is just evil. May it be G*d's will that your friends have a full and complete recovery.


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I would like to also offer the resources of the American Cancer Society for anyone facing cancer, either as a patient or caregiver, friend or family member.

Cancer Information Specialists are available 24/7 to answer questions, provide information on local resources or just listen. The number is 1-800-ACS-2345. Additionally, information and support can be accessed online at We also offer a Cancer Survivor's Network online where survivors and caregivers can give each other support, encouragement and friendship.

Thanks for letting me share this commercial for my organization. We have many great resources! Our biggest challenge is in getting the word out so that we can help people at the moment of their greatest need. Next time you hear of someone fighting cancer, please let them know the American Cancer is here and we can help!

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Very timely information! A friend of one of my former co-workers/semi-directs is struggling with cancer. They are very close and I will share both resources with her.

ACS is one of the few organizations my family has supported consistently. Silly me for not making the connection sooner, Dani!