Thank you Wendii for your emails, and of course, Mark and Mike!


I just wanted to leave a testimonial for the interview series. In the past year I have been searching hard for the right role for me after finally finishing a PhD. I've been debating going into academia or the private sector, especially since jobs are easier to come by in the private sector.

I had three interviews in the past four months, two were in private sector for large companies, and one was in academia for an associate professor/lecturer position. I was offered two positions (both the private sector roles) and just accepted the right one for me!

 I start next week and am over-the-moon about finding a role that I think is truly perfect for me. Great pay, great company, great people, great job description = I couldn't be happier!


The job had a HUGE response, and I was told in my first interview that the competition was fierce, and I do think the interview series gave me an edge as I only focused on how I could help them meet their goals, using my accomplishments from the general store exercise. I asked nothing about salary or benefits, and then, when the offer actually came, it was a thrilling surprise.

 I closed for each interview (which was scary but simulateneously empowering) and given the time-sensitive nature of things (they said that  they would make a decision within 24 hours) I emailed thank you notes (different ones to each member of the panel) immediately after each interview, again, closing in the emails.

The one place I didn't follow the series to the T was in the salary area. They asked what I currently made, I told them, they asked what my expectations were, I said I was flexible and anything was feasible as salary was just a small part of the puzzle for me. 

I'm thrilled. The interview series was an amazing help in getting me to think like recruiters do, and most importantly, i think, was helping them to be able to close their eyes and envision me in the role.


Thank you Mark, Mike and Wendii for the fantastic series, and for the good work you're doing for us professionals!