I'd like to publicly thank Mark and Mike and the rest of you who participate on this site. I was made a first time supervisor of a team over a year ago. My team consists of 4 US and 6 German employees who are VERY set in their ways. Being the youngest on the team has also added to my insecurity. Training dollars are non existent in my command unless your in the IT field and I’ve been told by my supervisor that the only 'good training for leadership is thru experience'. So when a co-worker from another office led me to this site, I have been like a sponge trying to soak it all up. There is just so much excellent information and resources here, it’s like a candy shop. My goal is to make it to one of your conferences. Anyway, thanks for filling a void in my professional development, thanks for keeping it affordable, and thanks ever so much for keeping it REAL. :D

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Congratulations and welcome to Manager Tools.

I know the feeling of being a new manager/supervisor and discovering the wealth of information that is Manager Tools. Between the podcasts and the forums, you will be exposed to a lot of great ideas. We hope you stick with it and practice what you hear and read.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Nice post. Keep us posted about your experience.
It again show us the immediate "usability" of manager tools!
I can't think of any other method approaching its efficiency.

And, you are right, a conference is another level of experience.
It is an incredible motivation booster!


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Congratulations! YOU'RE the one who's doing the work.