I was wondering how people have answered the “What are you looking for” question.   I had this questioned asked to me by a recruiter a couple months ago before I found MT. I have since heard the podcast on answering the question and I am still not completely sure how this question should be addressed.  I get the message you should relay but it seems vague.

Is the question generally referring to “What are you looking for” immediately or what is your end game?
For me that is almost two different goals.   With the recruiter I probably did a poor job answering the question. I mentioned that I like what I do and I would and I would eventually like to move into a larger company that would put me into a “functional CFO” role and that my current company is smaller and that role doesn’t exist. 
That position would probably be skipping a level (or two) in my career progression and I think I got the generic recruiter response “That’s sounds great, etc. …..”
Is the proper response more of an immediate answer of your next obtainable role? 
Anyone run into this?

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The recruiter is asking about your next role.  What would you do next month if the ideal opportunity came along.  

If the long term question comes, it usually comes in the interview, and it is more explicit:  "Where do you see yourself five years from now?"

John Hack