I'm feeling the same anxious nervous that I felt last year about working. I get these feelings of dread about the phone ringing and going to schools. I also feel really tired and am not sleeping well. So even if I say yes to a shift the day before, I usually have a shit sleep and then I call in the morning saying I'm unwell and can't work. 

I've questioned whether I'm in the right career, but when I think about doing other jobs I feel just as anxious about working, so I don't think it will matter what I do. Has Anyone encountered this or even has a very good suggestion to cope? Your help is important!

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Are you able to help me?

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You seem to be exhausted or burnt out. You can't be productive if you are in that stage. Unwind, relax, take a long walk, appreciate nature, exercise and eat your happy food. Take off your mind work-related things. Then you'll see you will have a good sleep. 

How are you doing now? 

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... as there's so many possible influences.

I've seen this in a fair number of early-career folks, those who are resisting their parents or their real purpose in life or other social expectations, frustrated entrepreneurs, people with undiagnosed medical or mental-health issues, guys with unrealistic expectations or misunderstood advice from mentors, self-inflicted disruption of necessary life rhythms (my usual failing!), and sufferers of incompetent and/or incompatible co-workers or systems.  No idea if any of these fit your situation, or what else might be up.

I know when I'm having trouble like this, I put pen to paper to capture what I can.  I don't throw any of it out until I feel I've restabilized, since I have found useful clues about my values (and how they reorder) hidden within my rants.

Right now, in my own spot of ennui, I somehow find the 'equation' "happiness = reality - expectations" insightful.  Focusing down especially on the "reality" part helps me ask sharper questions of myself, which can lead to useful experiments (more data, yes, I'm high-C, how'd you guess? :-) and occasional solutions.

Hope this helps you point yourself in a good direction ....

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I think it is, thank you for your encouragement to people. 

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I recommend to focus on things you can do and what makes you happy. If that is too much for you to handle, quit. And find another job.

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If you are unhappy with your work, better look for another job that will make you productive. 

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I agree, it is not healthy for you anymore.