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 Subject says it all.  A colleague was recently promoted (yesterday) and I wanted to send a congratulations note.  I'm going to follow the principles from the Thank You note podcast but I was just curious if Mark, Wendii or Mike had specific guidance on the content of a Congratulations note.


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I am not aware of any specific recommendations regarding congratulation notes and you can apply the SEER technique.
SEER stands for Summarize, Elaborate, Example, Restate. It is explained in the casts “How To Prepare A Performance Review”. Applying SEER you would start with congratulating. In Paragraph two you would elaborate on one or two points why you think it is a well deserved promotion. In the next sentence/paragraph you would mention an example. Finish with or without congratulating once again.
An example could be:
I congratulate you on your promotion.
It is well deserved. You have increased performance by giving feedback and have delivered great results. Project XYZ is just one example showing your skills.
All the best wishes for your future role,
SEER should be of great help and you might want to consider the shorter SUMEX technique as well.