Potential new opportunity is in the works where I would join a small organization as their new CEO, reporting to a Board of Directors. I have been soaking up all of the podcasts and forum posts as they relate to relationships with your boss, first 90 days boss priorities, working with senior executives, etc. and have been trying to fit the MT guidance for working with one boss to a situation where you have 7 bosses. I really cannot find MT guidance for such scenarios, or I may just be missing it. Potentially having 7 direct bosses with differing priorities, communication preferences, DISC profiles, building relationships with them, etc. seems to be a full time job in itself and a little daunting. 

Is there good MT advice out there that I may be missing or covered in the podcasts that may not have a not so obvious title?



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... as the MT advice generally aims to serve us who are "communicated through" in the organizational hierarchy.

I seem to recall a Career Tools podcast giving advice for directs nominally having multiple bosses, eg administrative assistants serving a team or department.  I don't think it was very recent, maybe 4-5 years ago?  

So far, a quick search on the podcast titles gives "2nd rule of assisting - anticipate" (Manager Tools), and a three-parter on "effective manager / efficient assistant" (also Manager Tools) but I'm coming up otherwise empty.

My only relevant personal experience has been director of some very small non-profits, so I don't know whether it'll help you.  I treated my "boss" as the board as a whole, while my "directs" were the various volunteers and organizers whom I guided, some of whom happen also to sit on the board.  The various board members were advisors to me in my role, just as I was advisor to them in other ways.