Would anyone be kind enough to share some samples of your MT Goals? I am looking for more ideas.

I had just finished listening to the MT Goals series with a very heavy heart. Two reasons:
- I have just realized most of my supposedly "SMART" goals over the years sound very much like the "bad examples" cited in the cast.
- I still have no idea how I can turn those into MT Goals. I understand the points made and the "theory: of it... I just don't think I can specify the % or $ with enough confidence yet. Being a shared service, we have not been doing a good job of measuring anything in that sense.

I realize the need to start doing that with myself and my team. And I am hoping to get more ideas by seeing what others are doing.

Thank you.

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I found that I had to create some of the ways to measure what we are doing first, before I could incorporate specific targets into the goals.

If you are stumped, is it because the data to set goals with doesn't exist yet?

I couldn't talk about 100% completion of safety training for new and continuing employees until I figured out how we were recording and tracking it (we weren't, which is why it never got done.)

(yes, a rather sad example, but that's where we are. Some of the safety training is an annual firearms review, which we *really* need to do!)

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The data to set goals with do not exist yet.


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Why not post what you believe your non-MT goals are and we can help re-write them? Just a thought.