Good day all. I'm wondering if there are any recommended readings for the following. I have multiple executive stakeholders that don't always see eye to eye on priorities and direction. As an IT leader, I am in the position of wanting to treat both sides fairly and not being seen as automatically taking sides. I expect this is a deep topic. I would like to dive into it. "Negotiation" comes to mind, but I'm not sure that is the best equivalent of the topic I'm looking for--my interest is more at a program (ongoing) level versus a specific project. Any recommended reading would be greatly appreciated!

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I think this question will invite a variety of answers, and that's because your concern can be addressed through multiple disciplines. Some would recommend readings pertaining to Organizational Behavoir; others would suggest Communication; and others would suggest readings from the broad field of Management. It would help if you could provide a little more details about your needs. However, you could refer to this Leadership text, a commonly prescribed title at the college level. It deals with hypotheticals (theory) as well as live-work situations. Hope this helps.

If you could elaborate just a little bit more, you may get more specific responses. All the best! :)