to review my CV for me? I've got a promotion opportunity so it's got be redone but I don't know anyone else in real life who has listened to the resume cast and is looking for the right things!

Should be finished in the next 24 hous and isn't due until the 19th so plenty of time.



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I'd be glad to review your CV. Would you be willing to review mine? I've found the same thing with finding someone who actually knows what to look for.

If anybody else is willing to look mine over, please let me know. The more eyes that look it over the better!

Mark/Mike ~ I think that we could be on to some thing here with a peer review network for resumes/CV's. Maybe this could be a topic in the forum index all by itself. What do you think?


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I have some concerns, but I won't rule it out. The fact is, many members' resumes are in need of significant work - even AFTER they've listened to the cast. I get many resumes from members who have listened and "done their best" only to have 5 pages. Helping someone turn 5 pages into 1 is not a trivial task.

There are many factors involved in resumes, and Mike and I haven't figured out how to help more of you.

In this case, Wendii has been a recruiter. Were I a typical member, I would pause before thinking that I have a lot to offer someone who has seen hundreds if not thousands of resumes.

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Point well taken. I had forgotten that Wendii has been a recruiter.

Do you have any suggestions for those of us with one-page resumes that need a review. I know that you and Mike are VERY busy, but like Wendii metioned in her post, it is difficult to find anyone that subscribes to the MT resume format. I recently gave my resume to my father, who recently retired as a senior executive from a west coast aircraft manufacturer. He told me I need the Objective Statement at the top, it should be two pages, etc., etc. I didn't even bother to mention the MT Method. He's obviously too old school.

By the way, what's the status of the interviewing premium content? I am embarking on an inter-state search (Pittsburgh to Austin) and I want to be in top form when I start getting interviews.

Thanks for all you and Mike do! My growth as a manager since I found MT has been awesome and people have noticed positive changes in me.


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We're thinking about the resume situation. We'll come up with something.

And, the premium content is right around the corner. We upgraded a big part of the site this weekend, and that was a technical step. We have some last minute stuff to finish up.

We're close!


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I respectfully disagree...

peer-review is never a bad thing academic world is built upon on it...

I think that should be done in public way like a forum in some then if say i posted comments about wendys CV and someone like yourself disagreed then you could say so....

my moneys worth


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And that means that I have to chime in on every resume, let alone read everyone else's comments on every resume, which is one thing Mike and I feel I do not have the bandwidth for.

Further, in the academic world, we're talking about professors - experts in their field. This is quite different.


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But then you do not have to make a comment about it still is your choice to comment or not there is no rule that you must reply to a post....

But i see your point even if I dont totaly agree ;)


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I'll look at your resume. I'll pm you with my email address and you can send it there.

BTW, I've been a recruiter.... :-D