Anyone else away from home and not able to get back yet owing to the European Air Space being shut down?

I am in China and meant to return to the UK on Thr 22nd; I still might, but don't think the odds are good.

Pleased I am on business, so my employer will keep me fed and watered so I don't have to rely on the airlines and sleep at the air port :-)

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I have coworkers who are... I work for a small airline and we had crews staged at Leipzig. Heard a nightmare story today of three flight attendants coming down with stomach flu on a bus to Rome -- and the bus's lav was inoperative. But we are trying to get people home.

Good luck to you. Hopefully it won't be long before the danger dissipates.

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Yes it seems some advice on the news is to get to Spain and travel by land or sea home, but if everyone from Europe aboard descends on Spain it will be a complete mess.

It seemed yesterday that the news was getting better, then later is got worst! My subconscious is clearly more worried than I am, as I ended up dreaming about flights in a very disturbed night's sleep last night! No point stressing though, nothing you can do. Will have to revert to the British stiff upper lip and all that :-)

Unless I know there is a pretty clear route home, I'm probably (much to both me and my family annoyance) better off in China. I've got a hotel room and can work in our Beijing office like normal.

Glad I bought the web cam to keep in touch now!

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Volcanoes can be pesky little things. It was convenient for Portland, Oregon that the north, and not the south, side of Mt. St. Helens decided to go. The irony is that in over 16 years of public schooling in Montana, I never had a snow day but had two days off for ashfall.  Go figure...

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I have colleagues being re-routed on return trips from India.  They're returning to the US via Tokyo rather than the usual western European major airports.