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I found it interesting. My mentor is not an executive level. If feel like he relates to my current situation better, but maybe I'm selling myself short?

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A good target for a mentor is probably about 1-2 levels above you organizationally (In my opinion, anyway). You want someone who is close enough to your level to still remember what it's like, but also someone who has a higher-level view of the organization. If you're entry-level or a first-line manager then you probably won't get as much out of an EVP as a mentor. Certainly if you have a good relationship with that EVP then by all means talk to them and ask for advice, but for more regular meetings where you are going to talk about what to do in your current role and where to go next, you should look for someone closer to your level.

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I also just opened the article and noticed that it's only talking about MBAs from top-level schools. That's not really a random sample of knowledge workers, although I still don't think you'd get as much out of a mentor that's 4 or 5 levels above you in the company.