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Hi, I applied through a staffing agency for a contract position that I saw posted with at least a dozen other agencies, and am very surprised to not have heard anything from her or the hiring company. I match up nearly 100% for the position. She submitted a very competitive hourly wage with my application. The job is still posted at multiple agencies and marked as "urgent". It's been open for 2 months or so.  And I'm very surprised that I haven't received a call or any interest. When I ask, she says that she submitted my application (which I assume means sent my resume with hourly wage) and  "hasn't heard back". That was a few weeks ago. 

I am assuming that I can't apply again through another agency. And the company itself isn't listing this as an open position as I would have just applied to them directly. Is there anything I can do? I'm not expecting to just get offered the job. I am surprised to not get a call, for a position they urgently need to fill that's a near perfect match for my experience and skills. 

thanks for any advice. Jeanne

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Hi Jeanne,

It's tough to be in your position.

What you can do is what you have done and that is to followup regularly and politely and remind the recruiter that you are still interested and available.  This allows the recruiter to keep in touch with their client.

As it's been 2 months, you should be looking elsewhere but keep this one going as some employers are delayed or have long processes.

Be aware that some job postings have been long filled or no longer required but agencies will leave them up to generate business.  Or, as stated above, they are delayed.  You may never know what happens.  I was interviewed for a role and it seemed like a good fit but there was nothing and then 3 months later I was offered the job.  Other times, never knew what happened, that is life in job searching.

Best of luck!


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Thanks.  I will continue to politely remind of my interest. I don't think she isn't communicating with the client at all. Her response to my two inquiries has been "haven't heard from them yet".  While the job has been advertised with over a dozen agencies for at least 2 months, I only applied a few weeks ago, when I decided that getting a 6mo contract position was better than nothing.  And still the job keeps popping up daily with yet more agencies, and now with the added text "urgent". I guess that if you choose the wrong agency to apply through, you are out of luck. Lessons learned I guess. Thanks for the reply. Jeanne

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if you feel you've been stalled by your intermediate, why do you not simply apply directly?

From where I stand, it feels like you can't make things worse, and perhaps you can use the new approach to beef up your CV and cover letter 'MT style'.

Hope this works for you,

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The application is definitely stalled. In the meantime, yet another recruiter reached out to me in LinkedIn about this same position. I explained the situation to her, and she tells me today that the first agency is not a "vendor" with the company. I have seen the exact same job posted by 2 dozen agencies and individuals. Perhaps applicants need to inquire about vendor relationship before we apply to anyone other than the hiring company? In any case, I am applying again through this new agency. If I learn anything useful about what bit bucket my initial application wound up in, or how to avoid this in the future I'll post another update. Thanks.