I went last year on an interview and was a complete failure. They did not have things prepared and I did not know how to answser when the two people interviewing just kept looking at each other. It was very stressful.

The company they are executives with is growing and there are other jobs I would like to apply for.

My question is this,

Since I looked so dumb in the interview should I even apply again? What if I do and they call, should I apologize? 


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Why would you apologize?  I would say if the same people are still around and they contact you for an interview again, then you did something right/good enough to get contacted again.  If you are asked about the last time you applied, I would just say things did not work out for you that time, but you were very excited for the opportunity then and you are very excited about this specific opportunity. 

Also, if you haven't, I highly recommend purchasing the Interviewing Series.  It will be the best $150 you spend!

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They may keep detailed notes and possibly reject you based on the last interview or they could give you another chance. Or they may not have any records of this at all.

You could include in your cover letter what personal improvements you've made in the last year, but don't mention applying previously.

If you get an interview, again don't mention the previous one unless they ask. If they do ask again try to focus on the personal developments and relevant achievements you've made in the last year to show why you are a better candidate now.

Good luck!

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Yes, I think you should apply again.  And no, I don't think you should even bring up the previous encounter unless they do - and even at that, don't apologize.  Spin it into "As I'm sure you can see, I'm well-prepared this time and some of my career development investments have paid off"  or something like that. 

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