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I am a senior financial reporting professional currently in between jobs and the market here in Vancouver, Canada is tough. I am networking, using recruiters and checking company websites for opening - but few are posted. But I also want to start sending out my resume to some companies that currently do not have job openings in my field of finance. Can anyone give some guidance on a Letter of Introduction that I would send along with my resume?


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Hi Darcy,

My initial thought to your situation is to focus on developing relationships with people at the companies of interest before sending a resume. An introduction by way of a reference will be much more powerful.

From a practical point, I worry that if you submit a resume without a specific job opening then your resume will not get seriously reviewed. Further, I think it is unlikely that your resume would be remembered and reviewed again when a job position opens up. In addition, you would likely tailor your resume to a specific job description once it is known.

That said, when I have expanded my network I have leveraged my current network (e.g., former colleagues, LinkedIn), face-to-face events (e.g., MeetUps), and relationships with recruiters (e.g., corportate, external). You can tap your network to help introduce you to relevant people at your target companies. When requesting introductions, be honest (e.g., I am in transition) and straightforward (e.g., looking for manager or individual contributor role). Once you have connected with someone at a target company, then it may be appropriate to send a resume.

Best of luck in finding your next job.

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