In the Interviewing series podcast on cover letters, you recommend following up after your cover letter and resume submittal.  In the situation where I don't know anyone at the company and am applying for a job via their corporate website, how do I find out who to follow up with?  The hiring manager isn't listed and most of the websites only provide links to "[email protected]".  I'd love to follow your advice on calling someone but am struggling with how to get the right name and number.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance for your help!  Derek

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This is the perfect time to reach out to your network and leverage relationships that you have. Is it possible that someone in your network knows someone who works for this company? If you don’t know anyone who already works there, someone in your network might. Maybe someone at your company used to work there or knows someone who does?

Also, your LinkedIn profile might show you a common contact. Barring that, the email address on the website might be your best bet. You will set your self apart by following up. That type of note would be out of the norm and therefore noticed. 


Good luck!