Greetings MT Fans and Proponents,

I'm a big fan of ALL the content here at MT, including the job search techniques, with special note to the Interviewing Series.

A little background and context, I have less than 5 years of job experience, and my field is the computers/technology industry... software, databases, networks, that sort of thing.  I realize not all the MT advice is directed at me but I am willing to bet that it's helpful to pick up this knowledge sooner rather than later. 

In the past sometimes our industry has liked to believe that 1) we can do things differently and 2) this is a good thing... and I have not always agreed.  I mention this because it relates to my question and I'm wondering if the rules may or may not be slightly different as far as what will give you the edge.

My questions specifically relate to online job postings.  Usually they include no phone number.  Often no email address (either apply at company site, or a job board takes your application).  Sometimes the postings say things like "No phone calls please!" and "We will only be contacting candidates we wish to interview, thanks."

My question is - how do I go about following up on my resume submissions to these companies?

I've long gotten over the worry that I'm 'bothering people' if I follow up at an appropriate interval.  I have no problem with calling the company's main number, asking the operator for HR, saying its in reference to ___ job, and leaving a voicemail message in whatever mailbox I ended up at.  I've done this a few times so far, actually.

What I haven't done, but I started to think about before deciding to ask this question, is visiting their place of business (in proper interview dress of course!) and leaving a hard copy of my resume.  If this or anything like it will help, I have no problem doing it.

Before I get too crazy with my ideas here, how do I do this in the context of the MT follow up guidelines?  Make the phone call I just described, every week?  If I'm fortunate enough to have an email address, send a follow-up email to that, every week?

I'm not sure if my industry is different or typical in how it tries to encourage me to 'submit resume, go away, dont bother us', but I would love to better understand how to handle this the MT way.

Many thanks,