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Good evening,

I have a mechanical engineering background and have been with the same company since I graduated college in various increasing roles within the maintenance organization in the metals industry.  I am interested in making a jump to become the financial analyst within my department.  The current analyst will probably be rotated out in the next 9-12 months to another department. 

I have spoken to one of the Plant Controllers and he mentioned that there is a need for more analysts and there shouldn't be an issue with my background to make the jump.  My intent would be to supplement the job switch with a part time MBA. 

My manager and I have a solid relationship but our department also has an attrition problem and I don't know that there is someone in the pipeline within the organization to fill my role.  He has continued to give me added responsibility and I am truly thankful for that but I feel my long term opportunities are limited within my current department. 

How do I go about approaching my manager about this?  I know for instance he is trying to keep his group intact and he seems to be biased that success within the organization lies within the technical realm which I am currently already in. 

Would appreciate any feedback.


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I would make a list of the reasons this is a good idea, and make sure there are pleanty you manager will agree with.

Also, think about any objections they may come up with, and have solid responses, and bring them back to a benefit.


I would think that if your manager has a bias towards technical, you can sell him the advantage of having someone technical in the analyst role, you will have a great understanding of the technical challenges, and that will make you a better analyst, for him/her.