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Is it ever appropriate to ask a company you're interviewing with if your spouse may travel with you for a job interview?

I'm interviewing for a new position at a place neither my wife or I have been.  How she feels about the area will have an important impact on our decision.  I'm not sure if it's appropriate to request travel from the company for my spouse.

Any thoughts?  Thanks for your help

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Are asking if the company would pay to have her travel with you or are you asking if it is ok for her to travel with you?
I can think of very few positions where a company might foot the bill during the interview process for a spouse to travel and by asking this question I would make the assumption that you are not at that level.

As someone who has traveled extensively for interviews I would say make the trip by yourself, check the area out and let her know what you think.
If they make you an offer, then you should be able to bring her there to check everything out and look for housing.
In this technological age, it should be easy for her to find information on the area and determine if it is even a remote possibility.

The alternative is that you fly her out there on your own dime and let her check things out while you are busy with the interview.
I would not recommend asking the company for permission or expenses though.


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Don't ask the company to fly out your spouse. It doesn't seem appropriate to me. There's probably some caveat situation. But, my general guidance would have to be no. Just my two cents, take what you like & leave the rest. 

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Your explanations make sense.  Thanks for the quick feedback.