Bas de Baar is this week's guest on The Project Management Podcast ( We explore ways how project managers can use social media as a communication tool on their projects and we also discuss how helpful they can be to your personal career development and networking.

Hence my question to you:

Do you find that using the forums here on Manager Tools is helping you to network / manage your career?

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It cheers me up.  That's useful.

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Yes, its a resource that any PM can use to view others' insight, of course that is useful.

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Yes, I get a lot of great information from the forums. It is also helpful to know I'm not alone as I'm learning from the podcast since most of the people at my company don't practice the recommendations presented in Manager Tools and Career Tools.

Colorado Springs

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Hi everyone, would like to know if there are any local meet-ups in Naperville/Aurora or chicago? I would prefer in Naperville/Aurora area in IL. Thanks

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I have got a lot of information from online forums. I think it's a great place to network and just open your eyes to a world of different views. I am a PM and was taught MS project - I hate using it and thought it was a rip off. I networked and discovered <a href=""></a> which has been the saving grace to my professional and personal life. I'm constantly learning of new products and best practices.