I've recently been contacted by somebody regarding an employment opportunity. In this case, the person who contacted me works for the firm which has the position. I've listened to the podcast on dealing with recruiter calls. In the cast the assumption was that the recruiter works for a recruiting firm filling positions for client companies.

My question: Are the guidelines different when dealing with a person who is employed by the firm offering the position?

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I quickly read the shownotes for those podcasts and I don't think so.

Be positive, upbeat and professional
Make sure you get all the detail you need
Refer people if asked
Refer yourself it seems appropriate
Keep in touch.

All seems perfectly reasonable if it were me that called you.


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In my experience, people make the mistake of NOT treating them like a external recruiter and treating the process too casually.

For example, I've seen repeatedly where the internal candidate knows the manager and group personally (this may not apply to you). In this situation, employees think that since they personally know all the players in the hiring process they can discuss and negotiate the terms of the position with multiple parties. Big mistake - just because you know all the players doesn't mean that you assume that they are open to talking to you about the open position. All companies have different rules about going to another manager regarding an internal move and those rules are usually unwritten. Treat the recruiter like a resource and they will often (if they are any good) give you a lot of information to help you through the process.

To that end, I'd say based on the show notes listed above, I'd only add; get clarification on the process.