I'm not talking about the obvious (spoiled children entering the workplace as disrespectful employees).  I’ve managed for many years in the private sector.  When I became a government administrator, I couldn't believe how some of these 40, 50, and 60-something year-olds were behaving towards each another.  

I’m not just talking about being argumentative or lazy (though there was plenty of that).  I'm talking about behavior such as a grown woman physically throwing a stack of papers in another female employee's face. I also witnessed a group of women invite everyone in the office out to lunch (while we were traveling to a conference) except for one individual (a new employee) just because they believed he was different or threatening in some way.  I have also witnessed these women blatantly lie to get someone fired.  I'm not picking on women in general—please hear me--this staff just happened to be made up of almost entirely women before I hired some new people on.  

Anyway, many people talk about how disrespectful children are today (and increasingly so with every generation).  Is it possible these same parents [who are complaining] project the same unruly behavior in the workplace as a sort of compensation?  Or is it that things are just getting worse in the workplace and our children are picking it up at the dinner table when they hear their parents from my generation complain about work? 

I know, it’s a crazy idea, but I thought I’d throw it out there.