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I recently listened to the casts on giving updates in staff meetings, and noted the guidance in favor of managers holding regular staff meetings.  I confess that I do not hold regularly scheduled staff meetings, and am now wondering if I should.  

However, I hold 1o1's with each of my ten direct reports.  Ours is a software development organization.  I have one manager reporting to me, who likewise does 1o1's with his ten direct reports.  Our teams also work with two offshore teams (who do not report directly to me).  Together, all these teams organize into multiple "feature" teams (we practice Scrum), and hold daily 15-minute stand-up meetings.  The Scrummasters from each team also meet briefly on a weekly or daily basis, and I typically attend that meeting.  

When there are special items (e.g. new policies, etc) that must be shared with the team, then I call a special staff meeting for that purpose.  There are also regular meetings of functional areas (e.g. the QA Engineers meet regularly to share best practices, etc).  

So, in light of the 1o1's, daily stand-ups, and other functional meetings, a weekly staff meeting seems redundant.  I'm curious if others have felt likewise.  

Thank you.  

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My gut is saying two things.  Yes, they are redundant.  And you should stop going to the weekly Scrummaster meeting.  Trust the scrummasters and/or the meeting facilitator to make sure that who is doing what by when is decided correctly.


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After taking a look over all the meetings you do.  It doesn't appear that any of those would actually function as a staff meetings. So, no, not redundant. Maybe in keeping with my original thought I would replace that Scrummaster meeting that you sometimes attend for some reason, with a proper staff meeting….or something like that.


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Your role for your company is to deliver results. Your O3s with your team members will guide their individual results. The scrum team meetings, via the scrum masters, will address those teams' goals. I conclude that since you and one of your Managers are conducting regular O3s, that you are a well structured company with effective communication.

The weekly meeting with your team will help clarify your purpose towards the Company, align activities and allow you to publicly prioritize tasks. I expect you will find benefit from doing this, especially if you have pre-wired your intentions in your one on ones.


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Hmmmm.  As I look at those meetings, none of them have the same, or in my opinion a similar enough, purpose as a staff meeting.

  1. The o3s purpose is to build a relationship with your staff
  2. The 15 minute stand-up meeting is specifically about what is going to be done by the people in the meeting that day on that project
  3. The scrummaster meetings are about what is being done by which feature team on the project

The purpose of a staff meeting is the efficient communication of information to the team.  All kinds of information.  What are the teams goals and what has been done to get closer to them, etc.