I would really like to meet other folks who enjoy and use MT, it would be great to discuss and share our experiences.

And if there's nothing going on right now, we should definitely get it going!

Reply or send me an email if you're interested.




[email protected]

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Hi Maria,

I'm in Mount Vernon, WA.  I think Bellingham is about 1/2 way between here and Vancouver.  If not enough are interested in Vancouver, and there are some Washingtonians who'd like to get together, I'm game!  Heck, I might even drive all the way to BC.  I posted once to see if there was any  interest in Seattleites, but got no response.

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I live in Seattle and would be interested in connecting to other MT fans. 

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I am just south of Seattle in Renton. I too am looking to meet up with MT users.

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Sorry for the slow response.  I'm just getting caught up on my forum postings.  I'm in Vancouver and would love to get together.



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