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In your recent podcast you suggest that an Army is more effective in designing and implementing an organization than a private enterprise. I concur. You also claim that an Army is more effective in terms of internal communication than a private company. My gut feeling is that you are right. I wonder if you or your listeners could share specific examples of how they accomplish that, other than the already discussed "BLUF" method or the "Effective Writing for Army Leaders" Guide.



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With 2 seconds (2 cents worth) of though to this post that sits on a few months of thinking about military organization methods... I would say that its the clear hierarchy with clearly defined roles and responsibilities that makes the military good @ both organization and communication.



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Thank you both for your eloquent and insightful comments. I concur. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities together with practice, practice and more practice are probably the key elements of success in Army communications. Food for thought. The 64 tousand dollar question is how to translate this into a corporate environment. Enough to keep me busy for the next couple of months 7 years.

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