This is my first post. I am learning so much from the podcat and I look forward to becoming part of the community.

I had an interview for an entry level position. After the interview they directed me to fill out some forms. One of which was permission to share my information with various bodies, including 'the client'. The text didn't give any other indication about what or whose client.

What would you do?

I brought it to the attention of the receptionist, who called in a low manager, he was no help, who called in the interviewer. She said the company I was applying to was 'the client'. I asked her to note that on the form. She did so and initialed it. I then completed the form.

I was ultimately not given an offer.

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If you are interviewing with or through a staffing agency then this would be completely normal. They do not specify a client because they have so many.
You are giving them permission to send your resume to their client (the company who is posting the position). Many times there may be verbiage that would allow them to share your information with any client hiring for which you may be a fit.
I wouldn't worry to much about it.

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It was not a staffing agency.  That would make sense if it were so. But when it comes to sharing information I do worry. Imagine a company that wanted to make public everything they knew about you, which I could imagine as one interpretation of the form.

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I come from a construction industry/engineering/consulting background so sharing personnel information with the client is normal. A lot of positions on 'cost reimbursable' contracts are client approved, so they need your resume, charge rates etc. to be able to do that.

As for not getting an offer, you've probably worked out why already


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Do forms you use refer to 'the client' without further qualification? Would you sign a form you didn't understand in the hopes of getting an offer? 



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Short answer is Yes they do and no I wouldn't.