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This HBR Management Tip of the Day suggests that the interviewee, after receiving an offer, ask the hiring manager for references. Has anyone here ever done that?



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Wow, that seems crazy.  That would be one of the fastest ways to have the offer recinded that I can think of.

That said, some more covert exploration of your future boss is probably a smart move. 

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I agree with Kevin.

I read the same article this morning and thought that it did not sound very manager tools... very risky move.  Imagine if you were hiring and someone you just offered asked you for references... not something that would make me feel comfortable in my decision to offer them.

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Yeah, I have to agree. Asking the hiring manager for references sounds like a terrible idea.

That would be a bit like asking: "Can you tell me why should I work for this company?" at the end of your interview. Surely you should have done your research by now? Unless you are specifically being headhunted I can't see it ending well.

Once, when I was going for a media job, I asked my interviewers what websites they visited when they weren't working. I had built up a good rapport with both of them. The formal part of the interview was over and I was just about to leave. Their answers gave me some very useful insight into their personalities and they seemed quite happy to share. It was also pretty on topic, given the job I was applying for. I accepted their job offer the following week.




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While I disagree with the article for most, it does point out that this is a tactic usually reserved for senior management levels (read C suite).

I can see how this could be a good thing to do. I also agree with the article that you should already do this through other avenues instead of asking the hiring manager directly. Look at thier LinkedIn and communicate with people you share in common.



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