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Do I ask a newly formed friend about an opportunity?

I recently moved to a new place where I don't know anyone and without a job lined up. A mutual friend, A, had mentioned another friend, B, of theirs lives in the area and we'd get along, so I reached out. A day later friend A mentions that friend B is looking to fill a position in their company.

Do I ask friend A to bring it up with friend B? Do I ask friend B directly about it now? Do I wait until we're better friends first? To use M&M's analogy; make sure the elastic band is warm? I'm afraid of leading them to think I only wanted to befriend them in the first place to get a job and leave a bad impression.

I know now I should have started looking earlier or built a better network before now. But I am where I am now and would like some advice. Thank you everyone!

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Depending upon your relationship with could ask for a virtual (email) introduction to B.  'A' has already suggested it may be mutually beneficial for you to meet B. There is no harm in meeting someone (B) to just build a relationship without asking directly for a position. It is up to B to ascertain whether their role is a fit for you anyway.  You are new to the a network.

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Disclaimer: I'm no Wendii. This is purely from my personal experience, so take it with a grain of salt. I second the idea to ask A to arrange an introduction. And then I would be as open as possible with B. You're looking for help trying to get a job in the area, so ask B for help. I've been amazed to find just how helpful most people WANT to be when you ask for their opinion. The important part, I've found, is that you demonstrate that you listened to B's opinion and took action afterwards. Follow up later and let B know how things are moving along, even if B's suggestions didn't pan out. Oh, and make sure you prep for the meeting with B like you would prep for an interview. Even if the conversation doesn't turn that way, it's better to be prepared than caught without good answers. Good luck, vrock! P.S. I definitely recommend scanning to find some low-key ways to meet people in your new area who have similar interests. It can be a great way to jump start relationships!

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Thank you tlhausmann and scott.a.russell for your advice! Sorry for the late reply but I wanted to update you on what happened. I had met with B and unfortunately it turns out the available position wasn't something I'd be qualified for. However, they did asked for my resume anyway and said they'll check to see if there are any open reqs I could be suited for. It didn't quite turn out as I had hoped but I did make a new friend.

@scott.a.russell, thank you for recommending! I've found a few meetups nearby and am looking forward to making some new friends in the area.