A couple thought I what I hope is the current 'cast.

1)  The process doesn't need to be a paradigm shift.  The only thing that changes is the assignment shifts for something ephemeral, "put together a presentation...", to something objective, measurable, and testable , "deliver a slide deck on... by ...".  And, isn't that what all assignments should be?

2)  Maybe it's a good idea for the few of us who, perhaps in addition to having direct reports of our own, have people to whom we report that we insist (request) the same objective measures when work is assigned to us.  That makes our managers lives easier which of course is our only goal.

Thank you for listening...


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Rather than "insisting" on the same from our managers, we should simply volunteer. When they ask for a presentation, we respond "I'll have a three slide deck ready for review by 5pm Wednesday."


John Hack