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It's been several years now since the last ATL meetup. Time to try it again.

I have a space, in Alpharetta, near 400 exit for 120 (Old Milton Parkway).  It's at the Tech Alpharetta business incubator;  some MT-curious folks might wander in.  Avalon and downtown Alpharetta are nearby, which serve for after-session food and camaraderie.

 Now I need date and time.  What works for folks?  During some weekday as a training/networking session (10am or 2pm start), after some workday (7pm or 8pm start), or Saturday late morning (9am or 10am start)? 

Also, any specific topics to cover as a mini-training?  Conference refreshers?  Panel discussion of current situations?  Open mic on open issues?  Reviews of recent podcasts?  Reviews of past podcasts related to current podcasts?


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Guess I'll try again, differently, after New Year's.

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Hey! I just became a new manager and am DEF. interseted in meeting up! I live in Cumming!



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Hey there! I'm in Cumming as well! It would be awesome to have a meet up.

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Awesome! PM message sent to you. That'd be good to meet up sometime! 

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I see that the last communcation in this channel was from last September... Did you guys successfully meet?  Is there an ongoing meetup that you have scheduled?

I'd be interested in meeting some fellow MT managers!

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Hey Steven! Welcome to the group! I just sent you a PM.