Announcing the January Atlanta Meet-Up! We've been meeting for 2 years now and if you're in the Atlanta area and an M-T fan, you've been missing out.

When: Wednesday February 25th, 6:30pm
Where: Mellow Mushroom (Sandy Springs)

Its highly motivating to spend time with others who are 'effective management minded' and hopefully more will join this month!

Please respond to this thread if you plan to attend, and feel free to invite others who are interested in effective management, business, careers, the economy, culture, technology... and anything else that works into the conversation!

Travelers who just happen to be in the atlanta area and interested in meeting up should definitely try to come.

We hope you'll join us!

adam_h's picture

I will be there.

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I may not attend this month's meeting.

My wife and children have been out of town for a week. If they return tomorrow (Wednesday), I will be spending the evening with them. However, they may not be able to return until Thursday. In that case, I would enjoy solving the management challenges of the world with you guys :)

I will post an update as soon as I know more.

-- Paul

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As of 8:00 AM on Wednesday it looks like we may have an incredibly small group tonight and something has come up on my calendar as well.

I propose that we cancel the plans for this evening and try and get together at the end of March.

Anybody want to second?


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It would be great to attend and keep up the relationship from the November conference, but I am not able to make today's "meet up" either.
Would it be possible for a future meeting to be a lunch vs. a dinner? Not sure if this was tried some time ago, but a lunch for me would work. Not sure about everyone else. Just a thought.

I'll keep checking the forums for updates. Thanks everyone.

Steve Summers

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Hey guys. I second Adam's motion. ( I think I'll still go to the Mushroom tonight and grab some of those great pretzels they make!)

To Steve's post ... what part of town would be best for you? Dunwoody / Sandy Springs has worked well for our meet-ups in the past.

-Glynn Newby

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I can now confirm my availability.

However, it seems like maybe we already lost our momentum for this month.

I am willing to entertain a lunch meeting. However, the day of the week is more important to me than the location.

-- Paul

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Of course, as soon as notice that Paul confirms that he can make it, I have to confirm that I cannot make it. And I was sooooo looking forward to Mellow Mushroom.

Lunch would work for me as well, depending on day and location.

On another thought, is a monthly gathering too often? I can hardly keep up these days.


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I guess I'll make it official. Tonight's Atlanta meet-up is canceled.

I could only do lunch if it was during the weekend. However, if I worked closer to north Atlanta I would certainly be interested.

But for the time being, shall we just plan to resume the meet-up next month? March 25th, 6:30 at Mellow Mushroom? If so, I'm in.

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Hey ATL MTers,

I guess we can officially can this nonth's meet-up. I'm open to adjusting the meeting times ... but I think we should continue monthly meetups. I think that monthly is an easy, regular time period to keep track of.

-Glynn Newby