Announcing the JUNE Atlanta Meet-Up! We've been meeting for over a year now and if you're in the Atlanta area and an M-T fan, you've been missing out!

When: Wednesday, June 25th 6:30pm
First place with 2 votes WINS!

Its highly motivating to spend time with others who are 'effective management minded' and hopefully more will join this month!

Please respond to this thread if you plan to attend, and feel free to invite others who are interested in effective management, business, careers, economics, culture, technology... and anything else that works into the conversation!

Travelers who just happen to be in the atlanta area and interested in meeting up should definitely try to come.

We hope you'll join us!

TSY1512's picture

I'm traveling again so I can't make it. :(

If no one else can make it, what about trying for next Wednesday, July 2nd? Or is that too close to the 4th.

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Actually, we may have some visitors from "across the pond" in mid July. Perhaps we should just postpone until then?

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It seems as if we've not got many responses this month. Next month works for me.

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I am sorry for joining this thread so late. I have been quite pre-occupied lately.

I am available tomorrow for a meet-up. As always, I look forward to hearing everyone's progress since last month.

Is it too soon to go to Ippolito's?

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I'm fine with postponing until July 2nd. We could do ippolitos then.

How does anyone else feel about that?

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I should be able to make a July 2nd meeting.

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Well then lets plan on July 2nd. 6:30 at Ippolitos in Sandy Springs. I think we've got at least 3 interested... who else wants to join?!

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I'm looking forward to Ipps this Wednesday @ 6:30 pm.

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I will see you all at Ippolito's tomorrow.

P.S. My change in job roles finally became effective today.

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Hey guys,

I'm going to miss you all tonight. Mother in law is having surgery. Enjoy Ipps! Leisa's not working tonight but is excited that you'll be eating at her store tonight.

See you in a few weeks.