I wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you to the Manager Tools team for putting together such a valuable 2 day conference experience this month (December 2013).  

At most of my previous conferences, I gained insight and a sense of connection to others doing similar work, but I didn't leave with a working understanding of how to incorporate the new knowledge into my routine.  The Manager Tools and Effective Communication conference spent more time on implementation than discovery, which was both refreshing and tremendously helpful.

The same day I completed the Communication session I began responding to email in a more effective way.  The practice included in the conference made it all but impossible to not apply the new insight and information to my work.  

The follow-up done by the Manager Tools team since the conference is at a level I have never before experienced.  The team has made sure that the participants understand (in very digestible and clear terms) how and when to incorporate the information presented at the sessions.  I have started taking their suggestions around how to better manage my team, and I feel 10x more confident that I can support, advocate for, relate to, and grow my directs using their methods.  

Finally, I had fun - a LOT of fun.  There was plentiful laughter and candor during the two days, and the stage was thoughtfully set to ensure he participants enjoyed learning the information and getting to know each other.  The Mgr Tools team was very approachable and made themselves available to the participants in a warm and genuine way.  

Kudos to the team. 

My thanks,


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Courtney -- Thanks so much for sharing your experience! It was our pleasure to meet you.