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So, has this ever happened to anyone else?

We were hiring for a junior position and got it down to 3 candidates. About two weeks ago, I offered to one, she declined, and offered to the second, and he accepted.

Per the MT guidance, I called the rejected candidate and when I got his voice mail left a message that we chose another candidate.

Yesterday, I get an email from the rejected candidate asking for an update on where we are in the hiring process and expressing his continued interest in the job.

I asked a colleague about this and she asked if he was a millennial. She said they never listen to voice mail.

So how do I respond? Do I owe him the courtesy of a phone call again, or do I just respond to his email?

Thanks for any recommendations.

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I would send a professional email advising that another candidate has accepted and thanking them for interest in your position and company.  Don't comment on the vmail.  You cannot know why they may not have received the vmail and to assume it was due to them being a millenial or unprofessional is a leap. 

It's your actions that matter so be professional.


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Yes, you need to send him a professional E-mail and update him regarding the current status. This would be appreciated and will look professional.

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I would reply to him via whatever method you most often contacted him during the recruiting/interview phase as that worked. For example if you set everything up via email or text, then I wouldn't call him to deliver the message. If you set up interviews via phone then it is reasonable to expect them to listen to voicemail.

I would disagree with the previous poster in that I would say something like "as indicated in the voicemail I left on xxx date, we have chosen to move ahead with another candidate". I don't see anything wrong with that as it isn't based on anything but the person not getting the message which could be for many reasons.


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you are not responsible for that, yes you can respond email.